SKG 4098e Neck Massager

$48.00 $111.00


SKG 4098e is one of the top selling electric neck massagers in the world. It uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to provide intense relief and sooth your neck pain. Are you having sore neck? Suffering from tech-neck? This massager is suitable for you. We highly recommend all individuals of all ages to get your own personal massager for home or even in office use.



Warranty Details

1 year warranty by SKG Singapore


The SKG 4098e features:

  • Intense relief for neck pain.
  • 3 Massage modes, 15 intensity levels.
  • Adjustable heating function.
  • Portable design – 0.13g, last 4 hours straight with full charge.
  • Made with skin-friendly soft silicone material. The U shaped design is suitable for people of different neck sizes.