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redONE Singapore

Redone Singapore VMCS

1 Bundled Mobile Data can be used in both Singapore and Malaysia.

2 Unlimited data usage with the connection throttled at 128kbps, depending on the user’s location and prevailing network conditions.

3&4 Services mentioned in this pages are for all calls and SMS originating from Singapore only.





  1. What are these plans about?

    These are new all-in-one SIM-only plans, which include data, voice calls, and SMS.

  2. When are these plans available?

    The plans are available effective from 1 July 2019.

  3. Where can I sign up for a redONE line?

    You can visit any of our redONE Partners to sign up for a redONE plan. This is currently the only way to register for a redONE line.

  4. Who is eligible to sign up for these plans?

    All new personal individual, BRN lines, and MNP port-in numbers.

  5. What is Data Without Borders?

    Data Without Borders means that you will be able to use your local base data bundle while in Malaysia.

    With the increasing number of commuters travelling to Malaysia for a short weekend trip, or even just for dinner, Data Without Borders is designed with the consideration of the easy convenience of travelling up for a short trip without having to change SIM cards or worry about racking up Data Roaming rates while staying connected.

    View our Fair Usage Policy here.

  6. Local data bundle at no extra charges in Malaysia, are you sure?

    Yes, we are! We promote our plans as 1 Data, 2 Countries, and we mean it. We are the first telco in Singapore to bring a true meaning toRoam like Home. As such, Malaysia is like a home destination, no extra surcharges required for you to use your entire base data bundle at home.

  7. What is the base data bundle that is stated above?

    Base data bundle refers to the basic plan that your plan covers when you signed up. I.e. Amazing28 plan’s base data bundle has 8GB of data.

  8. What is redSOCIAL / redSOCIAL Lite?

    redSOCIAL / redSOCIAL Lite are our Value-Added-Services (VAS). It allows our subscribers to use data on their social applications without touching their main data bundle. Currently, our redSOCIAL / redSOCIAL Lite services only cover the following applications:

    • Facebook
    • Skype
    • WhatsApp
    • YouTube

    Subscribers can check the full list of Terms & Conditions pertaining to redSOCIAL and redSOCIAL Lite here.

  9. What is the difference between redSOCIAL & redSOCIAL Lite?

    The main difference between redSOCIAL and redSOCIAL Lite is the difference in their data bundle. redSOCIAL has 20GB of data access in its bundle, while the redSOCIAL Lite only has 10GB for users who require lesser data.

  10. Am I tied down to redONE by a contract?

    We do not tie our subscribers down with a contract. However, we do have a minimum billing period of at least two (2) billing cycles.

  11. What other fees do I have to take note of?

    Upon registration of the mobile line, there will be a one-time registration fee of $30, and a SIM card fee of $10. These fees are payable upfront and non-refundable. Our registration fee will be waived till further notice.

  12. What happens if I do not fully utilise my bundled data allocation?

    Your balance data quota of the month will be forfeited.

  13. After I take up one of these plans, am I allowed to boost my monthly data bundle?

    Yes, you may. We have two different options for data add-ons; One-Off and Recurring. One-Off Data Add-On lasts for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. Recurring Data Add-ons follow the subscriber’s billing cycle and will be pro-rated accordingly. Data Add-ons are activated immediately upon purchase.

  14. How do I purchase one-time Data Add-on?

    Both our data add-ons can only be purchased via our 1App.
    The 1App is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store .

  15. What is Basic Internet? And what is the speed for Basic Internet?

    Basic Internet will kick in when your local data bundle is fully utilised, and your Internet speed will be throttled down to 128kbps. This is to prevent bill shock for our subscribers.

    128kbps is enough to send out basic messages. To gain access to high speed Internet again, all you have to do is purchase a data add-on bundle via our 1App.

    Alternatively, when the bill cycle resets on the 1st of every month, subscribers will have access to high speed Internet from their bundle again.

  16. What is your current promotion?

    Our launch promotion is as follows:

  17. Waiver of Registration Fee ($30)

  18. FREE Caller ID until further notice

  19. Is there anything else that I should take note of?

    We have a Credit Limit (CL) assigned to each plan that varies in accordance to the plan value. The CL is in place to prevent bill shock. The CL is contributed by purchases of VAS, IDD and Roaming usage, and any excess usage of voice calls or SMS out of the plan bundle.
    When the CL quota has reached 80% and 100%, subscribers will receive an SMS alert to inform them. Upon 100% utilisation, subscribers might experience barring. This can be solved by contacting Customer Care.



  1. The Amazing (Launch) plans are valid starting from 15 May 2019.

  2. These plans are applicable for individual subscribers, and MNP port-in numbers.

  3. Subscribers on the Amazing (Launch) plans will continue to use the plans until either party terminates the plan(s) with redONE.

  4. Monthly access fee for the Amazing plans is only for bundled allocated data, to be used in both Singapore & Malaysia only, and bundled voice calls and SMS originating from Singapore only.

    The allocated bundled voice calls and SMS are applicable for usage, originating from Singapore, to Singapore and Malaysia numbers only.

  5. All prices quoted include 7% GST and based on monthly recurring service unless otherwise stated.

  6. In order to utilise the allocated data bundle in Malaysia, subscribers are required to switch on Data Roaming on their mobile equipment. Please refer below for the instructions on how to switch on/off Data Roaming on your mobile equipment:

    iOS Go to:

    • Settings
    • Mobile Data
    • Mobile Data Options
    • Data Roaming
    Android Go to:

    • Settings
    • Connections
    • Mobile Networks
    • Data Roaming

    Note: Steps may vary from one mobile phone/operating system to another.

  7. IDD & International Roaming are automatically activated for all subscribers. Should the subscriber travel to other countries (apart from Malaysia) and do not wish to incur Roaming charges, the subscriber has to switch off the Data Roaming on their mobile equipment.

  8. The On-Net calls for the Amazing plans are applicable for all voice calls, originating from Singapore, made to other redONE Singapore numbers only, not for video calls and voice calls to special numbers.

  9. When the 1,000 On-Net minutes for the Amazing plans are fully utilised, subsequent usage will be charged under the remaining voice bundle of the Amazing plans (if applicable), following which, usage will be charged at Pay-Per-Use (PPU) rate at S$0.10 per minute.

  10. Calls are charged in 1-minute blocks. Any calls of shorter duration will be rounded up and charged as a complete 1-minute blocks.

    Voice (local) – Outgoing Block of 1 minute $0.10/min
    Voice (local) – Incoming Block of 1 minute N.A.
    Voice (IDD) – Outgoing Block of 1 minute Depends on destination
    Voice (International Roaming) Block of 1 minute Depends on destination
    SMS (local) Per message $0.05
    SMS (IDD) Per message $0.15
    SMS (International Roaming) Per message Depends on destination
    Data (local) Block of 100KB Deducted from local bundle / N.A.
    Data (Malaysia) Block of 100KB Deducted from local bundle / N.A.
    Data (International Roaming) Block of 1 MB Depends on destination

    All prices stated above include 7% GST.

  11. The Amazing plans’ first bill will be prorated based on the subscriber’s date of plan activation.

  12. Roaming and IDD are chargeable based on Pay-Per-Use (PPU) rate.

  13. Upon 100% utilisation of the allocated data bundle for the AMAZING plans, the subsequent usage will be drawn from the Basic Internet data throttling at 128kbps speed. Customer may opt to purchase 1-time Data Add-on to continue surfing the Internet at high speed.

  14. The Amazing plans do not come with a contract. However, the subscriber will be charged for a minimum of 2 billing cycles.

  15. This offer’s terms and conditions shall be read in addition to the terms and conditions of the redONE terms and conditions (“Principal Terms & Conditions”) accepted by the Customer and shall be supplemental to the Principal Terms & Conditions. The Principal Terms and Conditions shall continue to apply and bind the Customer for purposes of this promotion.



About redONE

redONE Pte Ltd is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Its parent company, redONE Network Sdn Bhd was first established in Malaysia in 2012 where it is proudly known for being the first MVNO in Malaysia to provide mobile Postpaid services. As a MVNO, we do not have our own mobile network and we use the network capacity of a major local provider.

Our philosophy and services are designed and inspired by our subscribers’ aspiration and we strive to deliver what truly matters, in the most simple and practical manner.

Whenever we can, we offer free calls or flat rates and aim to be completely transparent. No complicated bundles or packages you don’t really want or need, just peace of mind that you’re getting the best deal.